Leave Only Footprints

In 2019, the Kitty Hawk Town Council adopted an ordinance which prohibits beach equipment, such as tents, chairs and umbrellas, to be left on the beach overnight.

Town manager Andy Stewart noted that the reason for this ordinance was mainly because many people will walk the Kitty Hawk beaches at night. Leftover items, in that case, can become a hazard.

“This is just a friendly reminder to everyone to leave the beach how your found it,” Stewart said.

The goal of this ordinance was to “protect the safety and welfare of the general public.” As a courtesy, Kitty Hawk is notifying all beachgoers that any items left on the beach overnight are subject to removal.

Stewart shared that crews will check the beaches in the morning and leave notices on beach equipment that has remained on the beach. If unclaimed, the equipment will be removed and disposed of.

The “Leave Only Footprints” campaign encourages all beachgoers to remove all items at the end of each day in addition to properly disposing of waste. The idea is to enjoy the town’s beaches while leaving “only footprints” behind at the end of the day.

If there are any questions regarding this ordinance, the public is asked to contact the Town of Kitty Hawk at 252-261-3552.

Source: “‘Leave Only Footprints’ campaign: Items left on beach subject to removal by Town of Kitty Hawk”, The Coastland Times
Footprints in the sand during daytime, by Timothy Klinger